The GNR 350

The Grand Nith Ramble is a 350 kilometre loop that takes you through some of southern Ontario’s more beautiful areas, following singletrack along the Grand and Nith rivers, on rail trails through small towns, and down stunning dirt roads.  It’s been done in a (very long) day, but most bikepack it, carrying all their camping gear, food, clothing, and a well deserved end of ride drink on the bike, doing the route over multiple days.  You can be only a few hours from home but feel like you’re on an adventure far away.

it was worth it

At 10,064 ft./3,069 m Mount San Antonio, better known as Mount Baldy, is the third tallest peak in southern California.  Getting to the summit and down takes a hard 7 hours, and the pitch of the trail in some parts makes you gasp for air while your legs burn.  The air near the summit gets thin.  Anything past a slow walking pace leaves your heart racing and your head dizzy.  But those views…  

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